sábado, agosto 25, 2007

A Once-in-a-life-time Journey

It has been 5 days since I came back...

I write in English for the first time in honour of those we met on our journey. Whether or not they'll read this exceeds my knowledge but I shall thank them as I can for turning a great trip into a once-in-a-life-time journey. Never had I imagined I would come across such people. I run out of words to describe them for what is important is the way they changed me, what they taught me without realising it themselves I'm sure. It's not so much their inteligence, culture or sense of humour what stroke me (however much of those they had!). I knew we were likely to get to know some people along the way but I never expected their faces, voices, words and laughs to impress me so much, I never thought I would be making real friends in such an unfamiliar context.

This journey meant a lot more than visiting beautiful and (so) different places. It was a lot more meaningful than experiencing new athmospheres and lifestyles. It was a journey which made me understand a lot about myself. About how I react under stress. About how much I like my dearest friends...

It is not possible to explain the changes this trip brought me. Nor is it to thank enough all the people and the circumstances that allowed me to do it. My parents, my friends and companions, my free country and all the people that worked for it to be so, and lastly... the destiny which made me meet such extraordinary people: thank you Igor (Brazil), Alex The Third and Marcelo (Switzerland) as well as Marco (Italy), Mathew and Alex (Canada-Quebec).

I shall never forget a singe detail about these amazing three weeks and I strongly encourage everyone to gather the strenght and means to take the challenge of setting off on such a trip.

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